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Our Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration services streamline your IT infrastructure


Welcome to Digant Africa, a leading provider of infrastructure automation and orchestration solutions.

We specialize in helping businesses streamline their IT operations by automating manual tasks, optimizing resource utilization, and enhancing overall efficiency.

With our expertise in infrastructure automation and orchestration, we empower organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey and improve agility.


Our infrastructure automation and orchestration process involves the following steps

Assessment and Planning

We start by assessing your existing infrastructure and understanding your business requirements. Our team collaborates closely with you to identify areas that can benefit from automation and orchestration. We develop a tailored plan that aligns with your goals, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Design and Implementation

Our experts design an infrastructure automation and orchestration framework based on industry best practices. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to implement automation workflows, scripting, and configuration management tools. This enables the seamless deployment and management of infrastructure resources.

Integration and Orchestration

We integrate different infrastructure components, such as servers, networks, storage, and cloud platforms, into a unified and automated system. We establish orchestration mechanisms that enable the coordination and synchronization of tasks, ensuring efficient resource allocation and optimized workflow execution.

Monitoring and Optimization

We set up monitoring and analytics tools to provide real-time visibility into your infrastructure's performance and health. This allows for proactive identification and resolution of issues, as well as continuous optimization of resource allocation and utilization.


Our infrastructure automation and orchestration solutions encompass a range of areas to address your organization’s specific needs

Configuration Management

We implement configuration management tools, such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet, to automate the deployment and configuration of infrastructure resources. This ensures consistency, repeatability, and scalability in managing your infrastructure environment.

Cloud Automation

We leverage cloud orchestration platforms, such as AWS CloudFormation or Azure Resource Manager, to automate the provisioning and management of cloud resources. This enables rapid deployment of infrastructure in the cloud, reduces manual effort, and enhances resource optimization.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

We embrace Infrastructure as Code principles to define and manage infrastructure resources using code. We utilize tools like Terraform or CloudFormation to create declarative infrastructure configurations that can be version-controlled, tested, and deployed automatically.

Workflow Automation

We design and implement workflow automation solutions to streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This includes automating processes such as system provisioning, application deployment, backups, patch management, and compliance checks.


What is infrastructure automation and orchestration?

Infrastructure automation and orchestration refer to the process of automating manual tasks and optimizing the management of infrastructure resources, such as servers, networks, storage, and cloud platforms. It involves the integration and coordination of different components to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance resource utilization.

What are the benefits of infrastructure automation and orchestration?

Infrastructure automation and orchestration offer several benefits, including reduced manual effort, increased operational efficiency, faster provisioning of resources, improved scalability, enhanced resource optimization, minimized errors, and improved overall infrastructure management. It enables organizations to respond quickly to changing business needs, reduce downtime, and achieve cost savings.

What tools are commonly used for infrastructure automation and orchestration?

Several tools are commonly used for infrastructure automation and orchestration, including Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, and Jenkins. These tools provide capabilities for configuration management, infrastructure provisioning, workflow automation, and integration with cloud platforms.

Can infrastructure automation and orchestration work with both on-premises and cloud environments?

Yes, infrastructure automation and orchestration can work with both on-premises and cloud environments. The principles and tools used for automation and orchestration are applicable to various infrastructure setups. Whether you have a hybrid infrastructure or solely rely on cloud-based resources, automation and orchestration can help streamline operations and optimize resource utilization.

How does infrastructure automation and orchestration improve efficiency and resource utilization?

By automating manual tasks and streamlining processes, infrastructure automation and orchestration significantly reduce human errors and save time. It allows for consistent and repeatable deployments, eliminates manual configuration drift, and enables rapid scaling of resources as needed. This leads to improved efficiency and optimized resource utilization, ultimately resulting in cost savings and better overall infrastructure performance.


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